Psychotropic Drugs And Therapy

You are not alone if your physician feels you are a candidate for this category of treatment. With all the pressure we have with daily living, this category has rapidly become a normal prescribing pattern of almost all physicians.

Psychological disorders are mental health disorders. Some common examples include anxiety, depressive, personality and behavioral disorders. Mental disorders have been found to be relatively common, with more than one in three people in most countries reporting sufficient criteria for at least one diagnosis at some point in their life up to the time they were assessed. Nearly half of Americans meet criteria at some point in their life for an anxiety disorder, mood disorder, impulse-control disorder or substance use disorder.

Psychological disorders are often treated by a psychologist or psychiatrist. Our pharmacists work hand-in hand with such professionals to provide patients with the best treatment possible. Most importantly, we make sure that our patients keep up with their medication regimen to ensure they lead safe, productive, and happy lives.

We use our close relationships with doctors to follow each patient closely, to make sure the patient is receiving proper medication therapy

Our software and our pharmacists check for duplicate and conflicting medication

  • Our staff make sure to stress and explain the importance of the treatment plans
  • We offer custom-made blister packaging with patient information, contents, quantity, and time medication should be taken
  • Patients are called with regular reminders for refills and notified when they must see the doctor again
  • Custom made schedules and information packets are provided for patients
  • We offer our doctors monthly reports of non-compliant patient

Patients that exhibit concern about their treatment plan or show signs of instability are referred to doctors immediately

We stock a full-line of psychiatric medicine

Free delivery and prescription pickup is available upon request