Oncology / Cancer Treatment

Each year 10.9 million people worldwide are diagnosed with cancer and there are 6.7 million deaths from the disease. It is estimated that there are 24.6 million people alive who have received a diagnosis of cancer in the last five years. The numbers are staggering and the cure may be on the horizon. While the scientific community is hard at work for a solution, our job at S&K Pharmacy is to provide the affected patients with the best possible care. We offer a full-line of oncology medication.

If you suffer from this, there is no reason to deal with it alone.

Our pharmacist teams are your ideal resource to understanding medications and expected outcomes.

S and K Pharmacists work to ensure proper:

  • Drug Selection
  • Dosing
  • Compliance (taking medications properly)
  • Adherence (taking medications for required duration)
  • Medication packaging, labelling, dispensing, storing, and education

Our pharmacists also work to prevent:

  • Adverse drug interactions
  • Drug duplication
  • Adverse side effects

Our staff make sure to stress and explain the importance of the treatment plans

We offer custom-made blister packaging with patient information, contents, quantity, and time medication should be taken

Patients are called with regular reminders for refills and notified when they must see the doctor again

Custom made schedules and information packets are provided for patients

We offer our doctors monthly reports of non-compliant patients