Hepatitis Medications

Hepatitis Medications

Hepatitis viruses can lead to chronic liver diseases, including cirrhosis and cancer. Hepatitis A incidence in 2006 was the lowest ever recorded in the United States. Hepatitis B incidence has declined 90% since the last nationwide outbreak in 1995. Incidence of acute Hepatitis C has declined 90% since 1992; however, a large burden of disease caused by chronic Hepatitis C virus infection remains.

The Hepatitis situation in the United States has improved; however, persons infected with the disease are subjected to rigorous drug regimens. Our goal at S&K Pharmacy is to make sure that these patients have a hassle free experience with their prescriptions. Our pharmacists are trained to consult our patients through every step of their drug treatment, from explaining why they are taking each medication to showing them how to inject their medicine.

Our pharmacists also work to prevent:

  • Adverse drug interactions
  • Drug duplication
  • Adverse side effects
  • Our staff make sure to stress and explain the importance of the treatment plans

    We offer custom-made blister packaging with patient information, contents, quantity, and time medication should be taken

    Patients are called with regular reminders for refills and notified when they must see the doctor again

    Custom made schedules and information packets are provided for patients

    We offer our doctors monthly reports of non-compliant patients