Compounding Pharmacy Brooklyn

Tired of having to take oversize pills, not pleasant medication, bitter tasting medicine, or worse, dosage that isn’t associated directly with you? S&K Pharmacy can help by providing compounding for your medication. We are a Compounding Pharmacy in Brooklyn that has multiple locations throughout the New York area and can delivery the medication directly to your home. Say goodbye to the bad taste, standardized medication amounts, and having to take a cab to get to a pharmacy. Let us deliver good-tasting and easy to use medicine that tastes great and is made specifically for you. We have multiple locations throughout the Brooklyn, NY area and even offer free delivery.

S&K Pharmacy handles custom compounding orders in all of our locations. We can customize your medications for non-standard doses, different flavors, and delivery methods. Why not have your medication actually taste good, be easy to take, and specifically tailored to you as a person. The advantages of RX compounding include decreases in drug interactions, side effects and an increase in local control or relief of symptoms. These compounds are made specifically for each patients needs. Most insurance providers will cover these compounds. Talk to one of our knowledgeable staff to get the best explanations for what compounding is and if it is the correct choice for your health.

We have multiple locations in Brooklyn, NY that can assist with your compounding needs. Give us a call at 718-449-5177 or via contact us form.

Please visit NYC Compounding Pharmacy for our Manhattan, NY location that can assist with your compounding needs.