Andropause Compounding In NYC

Compounding for Men’s Health (Andropause):
What sort of drugs can be compounded for men? Any drugs really if the problem is one where you can’t swallow pills and would rather have it in a flavored syrup. But a compounding pharmacy really comes of its own in the treatment of andropause in men. Okay, we’ve all heard of menopause in women but andropause? As men age, their testosterone levels drop and oestrogen levels increase and this leads to the typical signs of male andropause which include erectile dysfunction, low libido, sleep disorders, depression and mood swings. Treatment involves re-establishing that balance by supplementing with natural hormone testosterone. Compounding pharmacies can customize treatment according to your hormone requirements and establish equilibrium in your life again. Not every man is the same and their hormone levels and requirements will vary. A tailor made solution for your problem is the ideal treatment option. Ask about Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy.

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