While there are HIV/AIDS treatments that can prevent or cure some of the illnesses associated with AIDS, these treatments do not cure the HIV virus itself. With proper treatment, education and HIV/AIDS information, it is possible to stem the effect of HIV/AIDS and help people live long, healthy lives. At S & K Pharmacy, our mission is to make this as simple as possible.

  • Our staff make sure to stress and explain the importance of the treatment plans.
  • We offer custom-made blister packaging with patient information, contents, quantity, and time medication should be taken.
  • Patients are called with regular reminders for refills and notified when they must see the doctor again.
  • Custom made schedules and information packets are provided for patients.
  • We offer our doctors monthly reports of non-compliant patients.
  • Drug packaging options including blister packaging, a variety of vials, and environmental friendly products.
  • Specialized drug therapy counseling is available for all patients, with a focus on custom cocktails.
  • Each pharmacy carries a full stock of HIV/AIDS medications including Atripla, Trizivir, Reyataz, Truvada, Sustiva, Combivir, Norvir, Kaletra, Lexiva, and Viread.
  • Free delivery/prescription service is available upon request.
  • Attentive focus on patients to identify and potentially prevent interactions or side effects that may occur due to medication mixing, health conditions or previous health history.