Welcome to S and K Pharmacy and Surgical Supplies

overbgPharmacists used to be personal, individuals that not only remember your name but also how to specifically assist you. With 5 location throughout the New York area,S & K Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies is conveniently located in Manhattan,Rockaway Beach, and Brooklyn, NY, although we proudly serve the NY tri-state area.We prefer to know a person’s name and greet you with a chat and a smile.

Our pharmacy is known for its excellent customer service with respectful staff that will assist in your shopping, medical equipment, And prescription needs as well as any insurance issues. At S and K Pharmacy & Surgical
Supplies, we care about our patients and go above and beyond to assure the best quality for all. Being locally owned and operated allows us to understand the developing needs of the area and to take a proactive approach in assisting our clients

We accept most insurance plans for prescriptions and durable medical equipment.

FREE pick up of prescriptions and delivery within a reasonable vicinity of our pharmacies.


  • Max

    It's a pleasure to walk in and get the attention I deserve.


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  • Bethany

    I've been going to the Warbasse Pharmacy for many years now and love to be greeted with a smile.


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  • Jason K.

    Thanks guys at SK Pharmacy! Always easy to approach!

    Jason K.

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